Under its pale yellow color with golden highlights, this champagne, 100% Pinot Noir, reveals a nose with aromas of fresh fruit enhanced by a hint of citrus.

The mouth, full and delicious, is enhanced by an invigorating effervescence.

Wine pairing: This Champagne is the ideal companion for an aperitif.


This Champagne, 100% Pinot Noir, is a wine of character.

The nose offers a complex aromatic palette where aromas of ripe fruit mingle with notes of roasted coffee and spices.

The ample and creamy palate elegantly reveals the character of Pinot Noir.

Wine pairing: With pan-fried foie gras, white meat (poultry, veal, sweetbreads) with morels, a scallop carpaccio with truffles.


This Champagne is a pure Chardonnay. the wines are vinified and aged in oak barrels for 7 months before aging quietly for 5 years in our cellars.

The fine, delicate nose, with melted wood, reveals notes of brioche, grilled, orange peel, then opens with aromas of dried fruits (apricot, pineapple) with a hint of honey.

This nose preludes a creamy and harmonious mouth.

Wine pairing: Foods with iodized flavors raw or cooked, raw and marinated fish, seafood platters. Dessert based on dried fruits, hazelnuts, walnuts.


This Rosé Champagne, made from a blend of our best black grapes, has a pink color with slightly tiled reflections.

The nose expresses aromas of jammed strawberries and small red fruits, enhanced by notes of spices and liquorice.

The palate, aromatic and creamy, presents a beautiful harmony.

Wine pairing: Oriental dish (prune tagine), roast duck breasts, fresh fruit dessert.


This Cuvée with an intense ruby ​​color is the result of vinification in rosé de saignée, with a short maceration of our Pinot Noirs grapes from our heart plot of Protelles.

The nose is full and delicious. The dominant notes of fresh red fruits (strawberry, raspberry) are mixed with delicate nuances of citrus fruits combined with a floral and spicy touch.

On the palate, the attack is fresh. It then develops a fleshy and creamy mouthfeel. The finish is persistent and fruity.


Ratafia is a typical Champagne aperitif which is made from grape juice and Champagne marc. It is enjoyed fresh, as an aperitif and will also be very appreciated with melon, Italian ham, foie gras and figs, poultry terrines.